Hard Money Lenders

Hard money lenders

Hard money lenders are private lenders. They provide capital for loans based on assets as security. California Private Lenders is the market leader in hard money lending California, with a large network of private lenders.

About private lenders

Private lenders are credit market experts. They’re highly experienced lending professionals and also business people themselves. These lenders are also highly competitive, offering competitive rates to borrowers. The strong positive for borrowers is that they also know how to put together a good, fully viable loan for their clients.

The hard money lending process, explained

Some of the key points for borrowers of hard money loans include:

  • Hard money lending is a formal lending process. Loans are documented, and the lending procedures are carried out on a “strictly best practice/ strictly compliant” basis.
  • Hard money loans applications are checked and approved, after which private lenders offer loans to approved borrowers. Borrowers can pick the best deal for their needs with this method.
  • The hard money lending process is a lot quicker than the mainstream credit market. For example, we can approve your loan in as little as 48 hours.
  • Hard money loan contracts are very straightforward. Repayments, collateral, fees and terms of loans obligations are all clearly disclosed, and the entire borrowing process is fully transparent.

Hard money lending for businesses and homeowners

Hard money loans are the all-purpose loan option for just about any practical borrowing scenario. If you’re looking for hard money lenders Ventura County to help you gain capital for your business, talk to us at California Private Lenders. Our hard money lenders Los Angeles County are right here, right now, and ready to offer you a loan.

Tell us what you want. Our lending experts will guide you through the borrowing process, answer your questions, and help you get the loan you need. Whether you need hard money lenders San Diego County for a home upgrade or a hard money lenders San Bernardino County to expand your business, simply give us a call.