Hard Money Loans

Hard Money Loans

California Private Lenders are market leading hard money lenders California. We offer loans to individuals and companies in the residential and commercial property markets, loans for business, and other types of loan according to borrower needs.

Hard money loans are loans are taken out using assets as collateral. This type of loan is simple, straightforward, and can be used for just about any purpose.

Why choose a hard money loan?

Hard money loans are very different from the usual credit market loans:

  • The hard money lending process does involve a formal documentation process, but handling times are much quicker. California Private Lenders usually processes a documented loan in 48 hours.
  • Hard money loans for business are used for practical purposes, like business capital for expansion, asset development, or similar purposes. Borrowers are business people and commercial property owners who are good money managers themselves, and prefer the better range of borrowing choices that hard money lending offers.
  • Hard money borrowers for residential purposes are mainly homeowners, ex-mortgagees, and investors looking for more effective, budget-friendly borrowing options.
  • Hard money loans offer clear-cut, simpler loan choices over a clear-cut time frame. (Hard money loans are paid off over a defined period of time, unlike a mortgage or ongoing credit scenario.)
  • Repayments are simple. These loans are like a fixed interest loan – You know exactly what you’re paying upfront at all times. Many people prefer this option to variable rates and repayment time frames which blow out.

California Private Lenders offers a full suite of equity loans, loans for foreclosures and bankruptcies, and many other choices throughout California. If you’re looking for a hard money loan Los Angeles, or need a hard money loan San Diego for your business, just call us.

We’ll provide expert support and guidance to get the best loan at the best rate through our network of private lenders. Whether you need a hard money loan San Bernardino for your new business or a hard money loan Ventura County for your home extensions, we’re right here whenever you need a hand.